The Lot

We bought the property at East Lane to build our forever home. In the galleries, you will find the story of the property, what we found and the work we have done.


Since we have bought the property, March of 2015, the East Lane Improvement Association have registered with the Recorder of Deeds restrictions that were originally passed in 1998 that no truck be allowed on the street that weighs more than 14 tons. The weight restriction is so low it will keep us from building on the street.

The Association is interesting in that it passes rules, mostly not recorded and only selectively enforced. The street weight limit is a sore subject. One neighbor can bring in a 63,000 pound truck of asphalt with no issue but since we want to build a house we have been asked to post a $100,000 cash bound and we can’t use trucks heavier than 28,000 pounds.

It’s also interesting that a street that makes so many rules doesn’t follow them. Bob Hargrave the street association president, The Mayor of East Lane, has a totally unpermitted second septic system and at least one neighbor replaced his septic field without permits or approvals also.

<<<<<Our East Lane property and several adjoining properties, 9.7 acres total, are for sale for a development. >>>>>

Tray 01

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